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Korea Vet News Published by the Korean War Commemoration Council of Canada
Painting “A Nation Reborn” by Canadian Artist Ted Zuber - Veteran of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Dedicated to the sacrifice and indomitable spirit of Veterans of the Korean War


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SAMPLE : October 21, 2007


 Peter Worthington is preparing material for his column and wishes to contact anyone who knew Private Russell Haraldson of 3rd PPCLI who was killed in action on December 16, 1952 while serving in Peter’s platoon upon the Hook. Peter is interested in obtaining a photograph or in contacting anyone who knew Private Haraldson. Private Haraldson is buried in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan.

Veterans around the world may not be aware of it but an Honour Guard contingent from the ROK Army’s 53rd Division raises the Flag of the United Nations every morning at the symbolic flagged area of the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan.

The flags of the 15 nations that supported the Republic of Korea during the Korean War fly around it. Those flags represent 11 nations that provided combat troops, naval and air forces and five nations that provided hospital and field medical support.

The ceremony is carried out each day with the utmost dignity and respect. An honour guard and buglers from the 53rd will participate in the UN Cemetery’s November 11th global Veterans Memorial Service.

 Special service held on 25th anniversary of Veterans Unit, ahead of November 11th global Remembrance service

Edmonton Veterans “Jump Gun” with “Turn Toward UN Cemetery” service

 Korea Veterans Association of Canada Unit 21 of Edmonton has already leaped forward to be first in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery’s planned global Veterans Memorial Service on November 11.

The Edmonton Unit held its “face the UN Memorial Cemetery” observance during a special service held on Saturday, October 13.

Albert MacBride, who served in Korea in 1951-52 with the first unit of Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) deployed there, explained that logistics are keeping his unit’s members from meeting on the evening of November 10 to hold a reciprocal service timed to the UN Cemetery observance in Busan.

Similar logistical problems are also extant on November 11, he explained.

So instead the members held a special service on Saturday, October 13th on the 25th anniversary of the Charter date of KVA Unit 21 of Edmonton.

“During the Act of Rembrance, all those in attendance faced toward Busan in solemn tribute to those Canadians who rest there forever,” Albert said.

 “Because the Korea Veterans are so scattered in our location, all of us could not get together on November 11 to honour our fallen comrades, so while we were gathered together on October 13 we decided to do our own remembering at that time,” he said.

Albert is the past president and the sergeant at arms of his KVA Unit.

Al said that many Korean War Veterans were present, including three charter members of KVA Canada: Dave Waddell, Michael Lotoski and Jean Pierre Van Eck.

KVA Unit 21 president Jean Pierre Van Eck hosted representatives of the Korean Community of Edmonton who thanked the Veterans for their contribution to peace in Korea.

Greetings and thanks were also expressed by the Korean consul general, Mr. Jeong Sik Kang.

The guest speaker was Laurie Hawn, a member of parliament from Edmonton Centre who is parliamentary secretary to the minister of national defence.

Laurie is a former Canadian Forces pilot who retired as a lieutenant colonel after more than 30 years of service.

In recent weeks students from the PARK activity club of Pukyung University stocked the Daunt Waterway within the UN Cemetery with various species of colourful fish.

The 100 meter long waterway separates the cemetery plots from the green area where the Wall of Remembrance and the Carobot Memorial Hall are located.

The Daunt Waterway was recently commemorated in memory of the youngest serviceman buried in the UN Cemetery, Private J. P. Daunt, who at age 17 was killed in action on November 6th, 1951 serving with the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment.


As previously reported, the National Capital Unit 7 of KVA Canada will hold a commendable Veteran’s Remembrance service in Ottawa at 9 pm on November 10, with members facing along a compass bearing to the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan.

 In Busan an identical ceremony will take place at 11 am on November 11 (the exact same time as in Ottawa) when Republic of Korea Veterans will be turning toward Ottawa and other world capitals to commemorate Canada’s Fallen and the Fallen from other nations.

 It’s part of the global program in which Korean War Veterans from around the world will turn to face Busan on November 11, or on November 10 if the timing is right and they want to be in synch with the service at the UN Memorial Cemetery.

 Korean War Veteran Peter Seiersen of Nanaimo, British Columbia, is flying to Busan at this own expense to represent all Canadian Veterans and the People of Canada at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery service in Busan.

 The Suk-po Girl’s Choir that sang at the dedication and Consecration of both the Monument to Canadian Fallen in Busan and its corresponding monument in Ottawa will also sing in the Busan service.

 Remembrance ceremonies will be held at the Wall of Remembrance which is engraved with the names of 40,835 Fallen from 16 Nations and at the individual memorials for the various nations.

 The choir will also sing at the Monument to Canadian Fallen that is located in the Canadian graves section within the cemetery.

 Pete, who served with the 1st Princess Patricia's in Korea will make a salute and place floral tributes in memory of all 516 Canadians who died on Korean War service, including the 378 Canadian Fallen who are buried in that hallowed ground.

The UN Memorial Cemetery, using funds donated by the Government of Korea, recently installed 10 rest benches on the route from the cemetery burial plots to the Carobot Memorial Hall and the Wall of Remembrance in the green area.

The bench shown above is located in front of the Daunt Waterway, which separates the burial area from the green area.

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